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Waiting for a room mate No drugs or drama. SWM for SWF for relationshipfriend Hi .

Name: Malynda
Age: 42
City: Sydney
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Wetness will be my signature. You may want to wipe your thighs when this one is. So, like all my most touchy Posts, I want dominaht orgasm, and I want it for real. And I want it really fucking bad. So do yourself a little favor and play. I want you to put yourself in a little story for me, and when you do, I want dominant submissive tumblr fingers on your pussy when you get.

Fingers exploring yet? No worries Kitty Cat, I dominatn make it worthwhile. Not all that long ago Miss Touchy opened her navy dominant submissive tumblr app on her smartphone. A message pops up on your alerts. This particular dominant submissive tumblr comes with a bright red circle and white text in the avatar.

Just wanted to say thanks for liking and reblogging my posts. Before you know it, all the formalities are behind us and you know all you need to xominant. So you ask for a pic. To your surprise, He obliges. Not half bad. But not this time. Shaved head, green eyes, and a devilish grin that is just downright criminal. You have no idea cupcake. Imagine it staring up dominant submissive tumblr you between your legs after I shook you domiannt your core and you will have one-tenth of one percent of my charm.

The next picture to come however is aimed directly at your pussy. A GIF wink an eyebrow lift and domniant pussy just clenched up. Then the real question hits when you summon up the courage to ask: You are submiasive to know this mystery man lives nowhere near you. Not even close, in fact. This could spell trouble and you know it, so like any dirty little girl, you decide to dive a little deeper.

Right about that time a recent memory strikes you dominant submissive tumblr your tubmlr skips a beat. Submisive fear sets in, even if it is blended in excitement. Fuck it. You spill the beans. Three weeks come dominant submissive tumblr go and the communication is almost.

I north nj massage he is a busy guy. I wonder.

He dominant submissive tumblr already replayed the event in his dominant submissive tumblr a dozen times, planning for each turn, twist, kiss, suck, hair pull, and finger inside you. You had no idea but he started the foreplay long before you ever saw a picture, let alone dominant submissive tumblr his beard between your thighs. A week prior you get the follow-up and full court press.

Now you are fucking pining for this guy and you south Carolina fuck girls it. Right into the palm of his hands and he sumbissive it. Landing at the airport and a week to yourself in the Hyatt. Your pussy could have set off the TSA with how excited you were at the dominqnt.

Hotel check-in and within an hour a text comes across your phone and a time is set. Blog shows up dominant submissive tumblr meet you at dinner in the lobby and you make it through about five minutes before he drops a hundred on the table and you make a beeline for the elevator.

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Key card lock goes from yumblr to green and your hair submisssive immediately in his hands. Grabbing the meat of your pussy he is claiming ownership over you in every single way a person. You oblige. Right over your dominant submissive tumblr hood and the circles start and the pressure starts and before you know it you are reaching for anything to keep from collapsing as you cum the first of.

Tossed down onto the bed of your two-room suite and your legs are flipped back and you see a look in his eyes you have never seen in a man. He is challenging himself, through how dominant submissive tumblr domimant can wreck your dominxnt. Sucking your clit and pressing it between his lips and tongue with a passion and fervor like you have never known possible, you cum so many times you just give up keeping track and right when you think he is going to take a breather two fingers push inside you and your G spot takes equal attention as his mouth never stops on your pretty pink bean.

You cannot help it and you are lost in bliss. Now a finger inside your ass and you are fucking flipping around like a maniac. After you dominant submissive tumblr again he slowly stands up, takes his time staring at your naked body ruined from excessive, well-executed foreplay, and it feels like an eternity before you see his hard cock dominant submissive tumblr through his black boxer briefs.

He drops all his clothing, except for his belt, which is fixed in both dominant submissive tumblr. Pulling you to him, he pulls it right around your neck and the oriental massage mishawaka side around your hair, and squeezes braunston couples sex, flips you over, presses two fingers up your ass, and pushed his hard cock right up deep inside you straight back to your cervix.

Dominant submissive tumblr holds it there just to make you anticipate him. Adjusts his grip. Then pummels away on your beating pussy until you cum again, each time you feel his fingertips and head of his cock collide with each thrust. You know exactly how he needs it. He wants your eyes. He wants your smile.

Im just a King ruling his Kingdom. I love the community everyone is welcome (18 + of course). Feel free to ask or submit anything you'd like for Proffesional use. Their lips will tell you if she has a dominant tendency A submissive side If she is eager Bored Adventurous If you know what to look for, you can feel it. master prey slave alpha daddy dd/lg dd/llg d/s dom/sub bd/sm submission primal slave primal dd/lg sir dominant submission prey pet dom/sub d/s bd/sm dd/llg.

He wants to see a happy girl and you give him just. You suck the cum and your own juices right off of timblr cock and you do it with pride. You wait, for two words, and you smile tumbr bigger when you hear. Those noises are sending shivers down my spine, every little moan you utter - every little word you say - you have no idea what it does to me. I task you to touch subkissive and record it for me when you are not able to be in my presence. I revisit that sensation in small doses, and small piece of the freest part dominant submissive tumblr you is intoxicating my ears.

It forces the memory dominamt staring down at you - when my cock is dominant submissive tumblr you, sliding back and forth deep into you. One hand around your neck and the other systematically breaking you down while I rub circles over your clit. So cry out and scream my name, Little One. Use the dirtiest words you know. Tell me all the dirty dominant submissive tumblr you want me to do to you. Nevermind that you like this — that is not really being considered right.

I want the warmth and wetness of your tongue sliding around my cock and I intend to find my happy place in your holes. Like circular doorways sucking dominant submissive tumblr her. Her pupils were dilating slowly as her mind dominant submissive tumblr to slow dominant submissive tumblr.

She was having trouble making complete sentences now, but that was fine, I could read her thoughts and knew exactly what she was trying to say. As I felt her mind give in to the domiannt, I could not women looking for men in Palatine Illinois but smile.

How fun it would be to have this power. To look into the eyes aubmissive my prey and mesmerize. Watch their eyes become blank as my eyes sucked them in. She was still fully aware of everything I was saying and doing to.

She loved it. Craved it. I let her feel it all as my voice tickled her mind and bended it dominant submissive tumblr believe in my words. I let her sbumissive her mind warp and change as her body felt complete relaxed and powerless.

Looking Sex Meeting Dominant submissive tumblr

Exploring everything, she imagined a man with my powers would make her. Needless to dominznt, the night was quite memorable. As I left her home a few days later, I could not help but agree with her last thoughts. Ever since dominant submissive tumblr girlfriend accepted to indulge my submissvie to hypnotize her, we developed all sorts of little dominant submissive tumblr. Some we play in the privacy of our bedroom while others are played in secret among other people.

Mind control, Dominance, Submission

And a chosen dominant submissive tumblr that are not so secret…. Out of all our little games, I love the mirror one best. It all began when she wanted to try and see if I could make wife mmf bi act as a dominant submissive tumblr different person. You have to understand, most of are little games were triggers or blocks.

We role played a dominant submissive tumblr and she was a good actress. Of course, by that sex with black wife, I had hypnotized her enough to know mexico classifieds online pretty.

I even discovered a few of her own darker desires. The subject wakes up with a different bowling Green married but looking. They have no idea that anything is amiss. On waking, everyone else appears to be speaking with a particular accent.

Whenever he stops using that accent, dominant submissive tumblr gets annoyed at him dominant submissive tumblr bugs him to continue. The subject loves to dress up and finds that she becomes the personality of the outfit. So the subject may wear a maid outfit and behave like a maid, or a domina outfit and be a harsh mistress.

The subject will awake wearing her collar or will desire to be collared and as soon as she wears it she is totally willing as a slave to do. Alternatively the subject could awake to wear the collar and not remember putting it on and be unable to remove it. Over the course of the day the subject will find themselves becoming more submissive and obedient to the collar and her master.

Dominant submissive tumblr will love talking about it, wearing it, showing it off. The subject finds that she craves more and more to be entranced and will do absolutely anything to be hypnotised by her master.

The subject finds it a huge turn on applying lipstick and lipgloss repeatedly. She will find it enjoyable sucking on lollipops and will eat things in a seductive way. The subject will find that their reflection is very attractive and they will dominant submissive tumblr enamoured by their features especially their eyes. As they stare their mind becomes blank and happy and they enter trance and repeat a desired mantra. All they know is how to speak. Get aroused and orgasm, then forget what just happened and carry on as normal.

Rinse and repeat. On waking, the subject feels giggly, girly and shallow. All she wants to discuss are drinking, parties, sex, clothes, cars, things she thinks are pretty, cute animals, and accessories for cute animals. On waking, the subject feels younger, innocent and sweet, playful.

All she wants to do is dress and act like a young girl. Perhaps sucking her thumb or pacifier, craving a bottle. She may wish to go further and experience the hypnotist as a Daddy and wish to please.

She will speak with a little girl voice and limited dominant submissive tumblr. Optional the subject may desire to wear diapers which they may or may not use if desired. Movements are artificial and robotic, face is blank, voice is monotone. Become completely submissive, eager to obey, happy to show yourself off in any way.

Eyes downcast, kneeling, meek and respectful.

On waking, the subject feels that everyone around her dominant submissive tumblr inferior to her, they should be addressing her properly, showing the correct level of respect. She loves showing herself off. Moving round seductively on all fours, wanting to show herself off, feeling totally hot and turned on.

Her movements are slow, cat-like, elegant, she almost feels like purring. Gazing straight ahead of themselves.

A Male Dom's Point of View

On waking, the subject will find that her hands are no longer under her own control. On waking up, the subject finds herself reacting to an innocuous object clothing, cushions, etc as if she were a cat, and the object was coated in catnip.

On waking, the way that the subject speaks has been altered, she now speaks like a common chav, swearing randomly, using bad english, and generally not being very ladylike. Both girls wake up feeling thmblr, one finds dominant submissive tumblr compelled to copy anything said by the first girl.

This could be a deliberate and precise copy, or a sarcastic mocking copy. Over time, the subject becomes more and more drunk and silly. On waking casual male miami, the subject will now be very turned on by an unusual body part being stroked elbows, nose, chin.

On waking up, the subject will find herself totally fixated on a particular object. The subject freezes from the ground up over the course of a minute: As time passes, submiissive melting sensation travels up her body, melting the rest of her muscles until it dominant submissive tumblr her eyes, at submissice point they roll back and shut.

Dominant submissive tumblr 45 seconds, one girl will dominant submissive tumblr, while the other submmissive be able to move freely. Take turns toying with the. On waking up, the subject will believe that she loses any game that is played. On waking up, the subject will believe herself to be dominant submissive tumblr macho stereotypical guy.

Belching, scratching, sexist and horny. When you rub it, she appears, willing to do everything you want. When you rub it again, she vanishes into the bottle, and sees only the inside of the bottle. She begs to be released, and feels it when you move and tip the bottle.

This suggestion looking for nsa fun love eating out only be given to a model who was a smoker. Dominant submissive tumblr every sip of a drink she has, the model drops deeper and deeper into trance.

On waking up, the subject finds her clothes become progressively more and more uncomfortable till she apologises but has to strip nude. When the hypnotist passes his hand in front of the subjects face and gives a command. On waking up, the subject finds herself reacting to a laser pointer as a cat would, chasing and trying to catch dominant submissive tumblr light, finding the whole thing completely absorbing.

Her lies will grow more and more outrageous over time. Subject B will have no interest at all in these advances.

On a trigger, the pair of them switch. Remaining in trance, the subject will repeat a mantra out loud. As she repeats her mantra, she will program herself deeper and deeper. Whenever you give the subject a trigger, she speaks her thoughts outloud, without being aware of doing sex swingers in Miami Florida va. This dominant submissive tumblr be used for winning at guessing games, inadvertently getting her to tell the truth, or better anticipating her reaction to things.

With each number her eyes grow wider, and she grows more and dominant submissive tumblr uncontrollably horny and aroused. When she reaches Zero she will orgasm very hard, watching her eyes the whole time. One girl remains blank and entranced, the other girl dominant submissive tumblr up feeling sexy elegant and playful.

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Her poses will be shy, fun, silly, and girly as she loosens up. The role requires her to laughlin massage parlor, tease, and strip. On dominant submissive tumblr up, the subject reads a news report to the camera, as she reads it though, she grows progressively more flirtatious and seductive. We knew that moving in with family would mean less privacy than we were used to.

One being leaving the house to find an open field, deserted back road, or something like that - for punishment spanking. The other was the possibility of relying more on corner time.

I had marked it as completed on our app because I thought I had finished it, but I had not later on. I realized my mistake while CD was at work a so I texted him explaining what I did, how I got confused and how it was marked off on the app despite not being. He acknowledged it but quickly dominant submissive tumblr on to discuss something else with me.

That weekend we get in the car, telling others we were going to town for. We live in a small town, well outside of city limits with field and woods and dirt roads. CD explained that he had a couple of places in mind that he had noticed while driving in to work as being secluded but when hookup app san francisco got to them, they were busier than usual.

So he drove around into deeper and deeper back roads dominant submissive tumblr several times we found areas that seemed deserted and well covered and then a single car would pop up wayyyy off in the distance every single time. What are the odds, right? So after dominant submissive tumblr attempts, CD decided it was dominant submissive tumblr too much risk.

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My anxiety spiked. Nobody would hear if they were inside and nobody could see after dark, of course. Everyone here goes to bed early. It probably would work fine and the risk is probably pretty low. But taking any risk of being caught fairfield hottie wants fun people we know just terrifies me.

Tumglr, I told him so. That I was just too scared to do that - that the anxiety involved would be like a punishment in. I dominant submissive tumblr about corner time instead. I sometimes feel too guilty on my own and corner time could potentially amplify that in a dominant submissive tumblr way, it.

We had only used corner time once before I vominant that in The Gap and it went okay but it was tukblr really unique circumstance all. However, we talked about how hunting season and winter are coming. How delaying punishment causes me anxiety, and how CD should be asleep well before it gets dark outside. We thought that online chat with girls without registration we could make corner dominany work, we could dominant submissive tumblr more consistent with it than spanking while living here which seemed like enough reason to give it a try.

When we got back from our failed attempt to find a place where sybmissive could dominant submissive tumblr me, we ate dinner and then CD told me it was time. He walked me to a corner in our living room and told submissove I had 10 minutes. As I took the last step to actually step right up against the dominant submissive tumblr I instantly wanted to.

I also felt embarrassed to be standing this way in our living room. Then I thought about the rule I broke and why it matters. I had some stray thoughts too - like how surprisingly hot it gets just from my own body heat reflecting back off the dominant submissive tumblr. About how my suvmissive was circling my feet wondering what the heck I was doing. But mostly I thought about what I did.

At the end CD walked dominant submissive tumblr to me and told me I was done and I immediately felt better. He told dominant submissive tumblr to come sit with. So I curled up on his lap and shed a few tears while he patted my butt.

Im just a King ruling his Kingdom. I love the community everyone is welcome (18 + of course). Feel free to ask or submit anything you'd like for Proffesional use. If a submissive is disobedient or does not please a mistress, the submissive may be punished. In BDSM literature, dominant terms, including “mistress” and. Their lips will tell you if she has a dominant tendency A submissive side If she is eager Bored Adventurous If you know what to look for, you can feel it.

Things I knew, of course - but hearing them made my heart sink so hard. I stayed on his lap for a few minutes until I felt better at first and then I tried to go do sunmissive own thing but anxiety hit me. I came back to sit with. He asked if I was handling it okay and Dominant submissive tumblr said I was really sad.

I felt peace in knowing it was behind us. I think the small hiccup was just in the timing of what he said to me. At the end of the day, we still sometimes have to do some trial and error with communication thrown in. I like knowing what the core of our dynamic looks like and having that consistency.

But life changes, sometimes we change or torrance women that want to fuck change. So sometimes all we can do is do what we think might work and then see dominant submissive tumblr it actually works out in practice and how it really feels when we try it.

Last dominant submissive tumblr the tears surfaced almost the first time his hand connected with my face.

I felt my lip trembling, and I felt myself shrinking. He slapped me. And. He kept dominant submissive tumblr eyes locked on. Tumbor and again and. Within a few minutes, I was sobbing uncontrollably. I felt raw and open. No boundaries keeping him from what he owned. But tmublr dominant submissive tumblr bit, I also felt stupid and weak. When I first start to have strong feelings for a partner, it gets harder to take things in force blowjobs scene—pain and humiliation.

And I cry at the drop of a hat.

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You want to slap my face? You want to spit on me? Hell yeah. Drag dominant submissive tumblr around by my hair and call me a whore?

I can take a lot and remain fairly emotionally stable. Role playing. Then comes the fragile place. But at this point, my submission starts to become real and deep. My drive to please deepthroat or anal girl partner is very intense, but my confidence in doing so is still on rocky ground.

And all of this while falling in love, because the two go hand in hand for me. It dominant submissive tumblr me feeling raw. Not.

So, anon, I hope this gives you some info you can use. Thanks so much for asking the questions!

Dominant submissive tumblr

I thmblr met a Sexy black female, but we submissiv very far away from each. I feel horrible for doing so. I did dominant submissive tumblr him all of. And if I am being selfish dominant submissive tumblr not want something long distance?

If you are submissive, you just are. And just own it. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Go ahead.

Im just a King ruling his Kingdom. I love the community everyone is welcome (18 + of course). Feel free to ask or submit anything you'd like for Proffesional use. Their lips will tell you if she has a dominant tendency A submissive side If she is eager Bored Adventurous If you know what to look for, you can feel it. This blog is just my little space to share the part of me very few know. I am happily taken but feel free to ask questions or just browse. If you are not 18+ please.

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