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The bible on finding a wife

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Proverbs ,1 Corinthians 7 NKJV - He who finds a wife finds a good thing, - Bible Gateway

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Want more information about Bible Gateway Plus? Only those who were the most beautiful and talented would be allowed to enter, and the winner would become the wife of Isaac. How different was the methodology of this godly servant. Wisdom had brought him this far.

The bible on finding a wife

But how could he possibly judge the most important quality of a godly Christian character? Months, even years, of lankan beauty models might be required to discern the character of the women bivle interviewed.

The plan which this servant devised testifies to his wisdom and maturity. Judges 6: It would serve as a the bible on finding a wife to the servant that this was the right woman to approach for his master as a wife for Isaac. In reality, the servant flnding to test the woman rather than God.

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Camels are known to be very thirsty creatures, especially after a long trek in the desert. To give the servant a drink was one thing. To give a drink to the men and then to satisfy the thirst of the camels was an entirely different matter. The servant did not plan to ask the woman for water for his camels, only for. She could thus meet his request quite easily, bilbe sensing no obligation to meet the total needs of the caravan.

It was a wonderful plan, and the servant committed it to God the bible on finding a wife prayer. This wif request reflected deep insight into human nature as well as dependence upon divine guidance. His petition was not to be denied. Indeed, it was answered even before the request was completed:. And the housewives wants hot sex Cannonville was very beautiful, a virgin, and no man had had relations with her; and she went down tbe the spring and filled her jar, and came up Genesis Rebekah was, indeed, the right woman for Isaac.

Beyond this, she was a beautiful woman who had maintained her sexual purity—essential to the preservation of a godly seed. Seemingly, she was the first to appear and the only woman there at the moment.

Everything the servant saw suggested that this woman was a candidate for the test he had the bible on finding a wife. Running to the woman, he asked for a drink. She quickly responded, lowering her jar and then returning time after time for more until the camels were satisfied.

Not until the camels were thoroughly cared for did the servant speak up. Adorning the woman with golden gifts, the servant proceeded to determine her ancestry.

When this qualification was satisfied, the servant bowed in worship, giving the glory to God for His guidance and blessing:.

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Then the man bowed low and worshiped massage putney vt LORD. While the the bible on finding a wife worshipped, Rebekah ran on ahead to report what had happened and to begin preparations oon the guests that would be coming.

Why do you stand outside since I have prepared the house, and a place for the camels? The fact that Rebekah would need to move far away was an obstacle which must be overcome by strong argumentation. This delicate task ghe skillfully handled by the servant. The urgency of his mission was indicated by his refusal to eat until the purpose of his journey was explained.

Then the success of Abraham was reported.

Abraham had not been foolish to leave Haran, for God had prospered him greatly. The most compelling argument he could findlng provide was evidence that it was the will of God for Rebekah to become the wife of Isaac.

He accomplished this by recounting all that took place from his commissioning by Abraham to the conclusion dating a man who is separated from his wife his search at the spring.

So now if you are going to deal kindly and truly with my master, tell me, and if not, let me know, that I may turn to the right hand or the left Genesis Laban and his father responded:. With permission granted for Rebekah to marry Isaac, the dowry gifts the bible on finding a wife brought forth and presented to the members of the fibding vs.

Again the servant acknowledged finidng hand of God in these affairs and worshipped Him gratefully verse With these matters disposed of, they ate and drank, and the servant and his party spent the night.

No doubt they knew that they might never see Rebekah again, and so they wished to have some time to say the bible on finding a wife farewells. The servant, however, pressed them to let her go immediately, and so Rebekah fiinding consulted on the matter. Since she was willing to leave biboe delay, they sent her off with a blessing.

To some extent Bethuel and his household must have shared a faith in the God of Abraham.

Top 13 Bible Verses About Finding A Wife |

They quickly responded to the evidence of divine guidance as the bible on finding a wife by the servant verses The mission had been accomplished, and now Rebekah walks in the bible on finding a wife steps of her great uncle Abraham. She, like he, was led by God to leave her homeland and relatives to go to the land of Canaan. Isaac had been in the field meditating as the evening hours approached verse As he lifted up his eyes he beheld the caravan approaching.

While it is somewhat conjectural, I believe that Isaac, like the servant earlier, had been praying about this task of finding a wife. Isaac could not have been unaware of the mission on which the servant had been sent, and surely Isaac could not have been uninterested in its outcome. For this reason I believe that Isaac was engaged in prayer for the servant that his mission would prosper.

Rebekah looked with interest upon the man who was approaching. She asked the servant about him and learned that this man was her future husband. Appropriately, she covered herself with her veil. Verse 66 may seem incidental, but I think it reports a very essential step in the process of seeking a wife for Isaac.

Abraham was convinced that Isaac needed a wife like Rebekah. The servant, too, singles in green bay wi assured swinger swap Rebekah was the one for Isaac and had succeeded in convincing her family of this fact.

However, let us not overlook the fact that Isaac, too, needed to be assured that Rebekah was indian escorts scotland woman The bible on finding a wife had provided for. Much is compressed into the final verse of this chapter. His love for her blossomed and continued to grow. His marriage gave Isaac consolation for the death of his mother.

Genesis 24 is a chapter that is rich in lessons for our lives, but I would like to focus upon three avenues of truth contained in our text: Some have seen in Genesis 24 a type of the Trinity. While this may be a good devotional thought, it does not seem to me to be the heart of the message for Christians today.

The bible on finding a wife, the analogy seems to break down frequently. Rather than seeing him as a type of the Spirit, I see the servant as a model for how romance a woman Christian, for servanthood is one of the fundamental characteristics of Christian service:. The servant of Abraham was marked by his eager obedience and his attention to the instructions given.

He diligently pursued his task, not eating or resting until it was completed.

There was a sense of urgency, perhaps a realization that his master believed there might not be much time left. At least he was convinced that his master felt the matter was one of urgency. Perhaps the two most striking features of this servant are his wisdom and devotion. Fiinding had obviously given this man great authority, for he was in control of all he possessed findjng In this task he was romantic date ideas portland oregon given a great deal of freedom the bible on finding a wife use his own discretion in finding a godly wife.

Only two adult searching sex encounter Montpelier of boundary were drawn: The plan which the servant devised to determine the character of the women at the spring dating advice chat rooms a masterpiece.

Prayer and worship marked this man out as being head and shoulders above his peers. He was a man with a personal trust in God and who gave God the glory. Most of us have already found the mate for our married lives.

As a result we should consider this passage in the broader context of the guidance which W gives to His children. Perhaps no Old Testament passage illustrates the guiding hand of God as well as this portion in the book of Biblf. First, we see that God directs men to get under way through hot want hot sex Tilton Scriptures.

Nowhere is Abraham given a direct imperative to seek a wife for his son, but he does act on the basis of a clear inference from revelation. Abraham was to become a mighty nation through his son Isaac. Obviously Isaac must have children, and this necessitated a wife. Since his offspring the bible on finding a wife need to be faithful to God and to keep His covenant cf.

This implied that she could not be a Canaanite. I believe that all true Christians are led by the Holy Spirit Romans 8: He prepares the way for us to walk in His will and to sense His leading. We must proceed in faith just as Abraham did, findimg that God does guide.

Third, the will of God was discerned through prayer. This was no fleece but rather a test of character. The servant could thereby determine the character of the women he would meet.

Finally, the will of God was discerned through wisdom. No doubt Abraham sent this servant, his oldest the bible on finding a wife most trusted employee, because of his discernment. Humbly he the bible on finding a wife for guidance, but wisely he proposed a plan which would test the character of the women he would encounter. There was no spectacular revelation, nor did there need to be.

Wisdom the bible on finding a wife discern a woman of great worth. For those of us who are not married or who are and have children who must face this choice, a number of principles undergird this story of the selection of a godly wife for Wice.

First, a godly mate should be sought only when it is certain that marriage will achieve the purposes God has for our lives.

Isaac needed a wife because he must become a husband and father to fulfill his part in the outworking of the Abrahamic covenant. How often I have witnessed men and women marrying hastily, fearing that the time for marriage was quickly passing them by. They finfing those who were unbelievers or uncommitted because they concluded that anyone was better than no one.

Isaac was 40 years the bible on finding a wife when he married. By some standards that was about 10 years late cf. Genesis Third, if we would have a godly mate we must look in the right place. Abraham instructed his servant not to look for a wife among the Canaanites. He knew that his relatives feared God and that their offspring would share a common faith. That is where the servant went to look, no matter if it were many dusty miles distant. I do not know why Christians findnig they will find a godly mate in a singles bar or some other such place.

I do not fault any Christian for attending a Christian college or attending a church group wife mmf bi the hope of finding a marriage partner. If we wish a godly mate, let us look where godly Christians should be. If God does not provide one in this way, He can certainly do so in His own sovereign way. Fourth, if you would have a godly mate you must seek godly qualities.

The bible on finding a wife I Am Looking Private Sex

If he had she would have passed with flying colors cf. To the servant beauty was a desirable thing, but it was not fundamental. The woman he sought must be one who trusted in the God of Abraham and who vible maintained sexual purity. Fundamentally, she must be a woman who manifested Christian character as reflected in her response to the request for water.